Project Plan

3 points

You will write your Project Plan in a post. You will then share that post with your instructors by submitting this Google Form.

Initial description of your project.


  • A clear, engaging guide to your project. Items to address can include, but are not limited to:
    • Summary of background research. An edited, condensed compilation of your individual research providing background on your client / technology.
    • Client: your initial proposal for your working process with your client as well as your final deliverables.
    • Technology: your initial proposal for how best to apply / investigate the technology as well as your planned final deliverables.
    • First take on project name. Your first efforts at a name / brand (don’t spend too much time on this yet, but make something so that you can iterate).
    • Semester/Project organizational path. How you plan to tackle your project relative to all class assignments (with a focus on the major checkpoint items (wireframe/prototype, beta, final app).
    • Challenge analysis and plan for resolution. Frogs to be swallowed: what your greatest challenges / largest potential roadblocks will be and how you’ll be starting work immediately to tackle them.
    • Goals. Your reach / main / safety goals: what happens if everything goes better than expected, where you think you’ll land, and your minimum deliverable if everything hits the fan.

Here’s an example from a previous semester: LooGA

Remember, this is an initial proposal. It’s the starting point for your journey. As Eisenhower said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

3 – A clear and compelling picture of your project and how you plan to tackle it, with an exceptional eye to detail and thoughtfulness, nicely edited and presented.
2 – A clear picture of your project, with a good eye to detail and thoughtfulness, cleanly presented.
1 – A picture of your project, but lacking in detail, thoughtfulness, or quality of presentation.