Checkpoint four

Checkpoint Four Assignments (10 points total / 2.5 points each)

Each of the four items below will be graded according to the following scale.

  • 2.5 points: 🔥 1
  • 2 points: 👏 2
  • 1.5 points: 👍 3
  • 1 point: 😐 4
  • .5 points:🤦‍♂️ / 🤦‍♀️ 5
  • 0 points: 👻 6

0. Stage presentation beta

  • An engaging, general-audience-focused overview on the why, what, and how of your project
  • You can be as direct or as creative in your presentation as you’d like
  • 3 – 4 minutes (hard caps)7
  • Any combination of team members may present
  • Slides should be polished and leverage a true presentation format (Keynote, Google Slides, etc.)
  • Content, delivery, technical transitions, etc. should all be thoroughly rehearsed

1. 1.1

  • If your 1.0 was a minimum viable product, it’s time to make your product a little less minimum and a little more viable
  • Major bug fixes and aesthetic improvements, along with a small (2-4 items) handful of additional features should be your focus
  • Again, post your project files to your website in a recreate-able format

2. Launch / handoff / social deliverables

  • Get everything ready to actually launch or handoff your product (or at least pretend like you are 😉)
  • If you’re submitting to an App Store, prepare all necessary materials (App Store descriptions, screenshots, support pages, etc.) and coordinate with your mentor to begin this process. (If you’re submitting to the Apple App Store, check out this guide to get started.)
  • If your project is client-based, create all necessary documentation to handoff the project to your client
  • If neither of the above, prepare your choice of promo materials—a landing page, a Mailchimp campaign, brief social campaigns, etc.
  • Collect all these efforts on your website
  • Lastly, complete the Project Social Form
  • Tap these dots to preview all items on the social form 👉8

3. Resume

  • This task is easy. Each and every team member needs to upload their polished resume to this Google Drive Folder. There are 2 IMPORTANT requirements:
    • Your uploaded resume MUST be a PDF. 
    • Your uploaded resume MUST follow this naming convention: LastName_FirstName_OptionalMiddleName (e.g. Doe_John or Doe_John_Lee). Do not include any other words, numbers, or characters. If the “.pdf” extension was added to your file name when uploaded to the Google Drive folder, be sure to remove it from the title as well. 

‼️ One More Important Task ‼️

Just like we gather feedback from you at the end of the semester, we also like to hear from our clients! Go ahead and check out the Capstone Client Feedback assignment. Don’t worry. It’ll only take a minute. 

  1. Killed it / crushed it / etc. Truly exceptional work. Exceeded expectations.

  2. Solid work! You did a good job and should feel good.

  3. Not bad. A bit rough / weak in some key areas, but all the essentials are there.

  4. Not so hot. You turned it something resembling the assignment, but you should be worried.

  5. Oof. You did…something. But barely.

  6. You didn’t turn in anything at all. Do better.

  7. Condensed to fit all of our presentations in a single virtual event! #SuperSLAM!

  8. The following pitches/descriptions should be written in…
    – 3rd person with the project typically being the primary subject.
    – Present tense

    In 240 characters or less, what’s a good teaser for your project? (This will be tweeted along with a link to your website.)

    In one paragraph, what is your elevator pitch for your project? (This will be posted on Facebook along with your capstone team photo and a link toyour team website.)

    In 3 to 4 paragraphs, what is your (slightly longer than elevator) pitch for your project? (This will be posted on our website as a blog post of its own.)

    Please upload your logo (as a png).

    Please upload any additional (project relevant) imagery we can use for social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

    What is the URL to your website? (It’s okay if your site isn’t complete at this point.)

    What is the URL to your trailer? (It’s okay if your trailer isn’t complete at this point. Just post the page where it will be embedded.)