Check-In 2 Assignments (Blog Post & Website Updates)

5 points


Each team will write their blog post on One person from that team will then submit the URL to that blog post by completing this Google Form.

Blog post:

Your post MUST contain the following items:

  • A project abstract or summary briefly outlining the following post elements in 1-2 paragraph(s).
  • Detailed description of the problem your project aims to address.
  • Detailed description of project and how it solves the stated problem.
  • Outline of project features and/or offerings.
  • Technologies used for the creation and application of the project. This includes a description of the technology, the purpose/typical use of the technology, and how you used the technology in your project.
  • Client(s) or partnership(s) involved with or influenced by your project (if relevant). This includes a description of the client, what the organization does, and what is driving the partnership.
  • Potential local, social, global, and/or personal impact your project.
  • Lessons learned through research, design, and development.
  • Project logo and URL, client URL (if relevant), technology URL (if relevant).

Your post MUST abide by the following guidelines:

  • Post must be written in present tense.
  • Must be written from the standpoint of the project. See examples below:
    • YES: UGA Stickers elevates the fan experience.
    • NO: Our team created a stickers app to elevate the fan experience.
    • NO: We created a stickers app to elevate the fan experience.
    • NO: This capstone project created a stickers app to elevate the fan experience.

Give your post the time and attention it deserves. These are sent to all SLAM attendees before the event. More so, these posts will be used for the project descriptions on the NMI website indefinitely.

Here are some nice examples from years past to use as examples:

3 points – An exceptionally well-done blog post (well-written, thoughtful use of media, polished throughout)
2 points – A blog post that gets the job done but that is lacking in exceptionality
1 point – Weak sauce; you’ll need to redo the assignment

Website updates:

At this point, your website should be in rough draft status. What does that mean? All your content should be there, fleshed out, just not polished and pixel perfect yet. The real test to know if it’s in good enough shape: you wouldn’t want to, but if you had to, you could turn this in as your final site.

2 points – All content present and in reasonably good shape
1 point – All content present, but in rougher shape than it should be